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Photo of the members of Dark Intentions. Jakob - Bass, Theo - Guitars, Martijn - Vocals, Victor - Drums

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Dark Intentions, a thrashcore band hailing from Breda, Netherlands, was formed in 2002. The original line-up of lead vocalist Martijn, lead guitarist Theo, rhythm guitarist Remko, bassist Jakob and drummer Victor was only ever changed when Remko decided to leave the band early on.

From the very beginning, Dark Intentions was determined to create a sound that was both brutal and dynamic, drawing influences from eighties/nineties NY hardcore, thrash metal and even elements of death metal. In 2004 the band recorded their first demo "Survival is not an option" completely DIY. Quickly stepping up their game by recording the EP "Remorse will die Today" in 2005,at the Artsound Studio in Belgium, which was released by Pure & Simple Records.

Come 2007, numerous good reviews in the press and some 40 shows further, they were now ready to record their debut full-length CD "Destined To Burn". Once again recorded at the Artsound Studio, now with Stefan van Neerven (Born From Pain) as producer, released by Deity Down Records.
In addition to their studio recordings, Dark Intentions had built a reputation as a live act that delivers high-energy performances. From clubs to festivals, always hitting hard! Late 2009, life events caused Dark Intentions to call it quits. However, just before the global pandemic things started brooding again...

Fast forward to 2023: new found energy and inspiration, new music out and ready to rage on stage again!
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