Dark Intentions

Photo of the members of Dark Intentions. Jakob - Bass, Theo - Guitars, Martijn - Vocals, Victor - Drums

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Dark Intentions kicked off in late 2002 / early 2003 from their hometown of Breda, The Netherlands. The style of music evolved into a more modern version of eighties/nineties NY hardcore with thrash/death metal influences, resulting in hard and heavy compact songs.

In the period October 2003 - March 2004 the first 3-track demo "Survival is not an option" was recorded by the band as a DIY-project. The demo was well received, the reviews giving the band an indication of where they were. Playing shows throughout the country helped the band to further develop their own style.

In 2005, Dark Intentions recorded a 5 track EP at the Artsound Studio in Belgium that has been released by Pure & Simple Records. Numerous good reviews in the press and some 40 shows further, they were now ready to launch their debut full-length CD. Once again, the recording took place at the Artsound Studio with Stefan van Neerven (Born From Pain) as producer.
On their debut album, titled Destined To Burn, Dark Intentions had found their own style; no trends, no bullshit, just aggressive, ultra-heavy hitting songs with strong melodies that will haunt your head.

Late 2009 Dark Intentions came to an end, only reforming once in 2015 to support Hilton Dive. Fast forward to 2021: new found energy and inspiration, new music out and ready to rage on stage again!
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